Feb 27, 2012

The Labyrinth Table (Unfinished)

A while back my players encountered a labyrinth for which I attempted what was then my longest table, intended to be 100 random things that could be found in rooms of the labyrinth. Rolling each time a door was opened, the contents could be any of the following:

01 Urns filled with pitch
02 Corpse of a warrior, all items unusable
03 1d4 giant ants
04 Stacks of empty urns
05 Straw floor
06 Strawberry vines
07 Blueberry bushes (poison)
08 Open treasure chest containing 2d% gold
09 Heel spike traps on floor
10 Corpse of knight in plate mail, helmet crushed, broadsword
11-15 1d4 Skeletons
16 Corpse of a sorcerer with a wand through his skull
17-19 Dismembered bodies nailed to walls
20 Ghoul
21 Ghost screaming (ghosts will repeat a single action, not responding to any outside interaction)
22 Ghost stabbing another to death
23 Ghost stacking books
24 Ghost clawing at the walls
25 Ghost crying
26 Ghost pacing
27 Man coughing blood. Dies.
28 Ghost, looks at players and then fades away
29 Dart trap
30 Piles of rope
31 Hooks hang from the ceiling
32 Dead dog
33-37 Crazed man
38 Cats. Hiss and then flee through the walls.
39 Cats. Normal. Avoid players.
40-42 Full of snakes. Poisonous.
43-46 2d4 Kobolds
47-48 Filled with candles.
49 Cauldron of water
50 Cauldron of stagnant water
51 Cauldron of frogs
52 Cauldron of fire
53 Cauldron of wine
54 Cauldron of piss
55 Cauldron of poison
56 floor is covered in ants

The chart was never completed, much as I enjoyed toying with all the things wiht which I could fill a cauldron. With some tinkering I'm sure someone could make this into a perfectly serviceable 50-effect chart, but it suited my needs for one session of play and we had some fun, I hope someone else can use it to make an equally enjoyable game. If I decide to complete this someday I will repost the finished work.


  1. If you guys are impatient I welcome ideas to help complete the table. Any ideas?

  2. Got yourself the mini-me of mammoth tasks there, my friend. I'll throw something into the mix for you ;)
    I won't number them, so you can, should you choose to use any, number them as you deem fit.

    Ooze running down a wall - contact with flesh gives either positive or negative bonuses.

    Nest of rats, within which is X amount of coinage

    An abandoned well - think of the LotRs scene in the Mines of Moria.

    Half the room is filled with deep, dark and cold water, as the floor has collapsed into a natural fissure beneath.

    One room has been knocked through into a second room, and beyond that, a third and turned into living quarters for X creature/s.

    Room filled with piles of armour, and weapons - most of which are rusted and useless, and mold-covered leather armour festers in various piles. Seems like a dumping ground for victims of previous adventuring parties... but who or what has been killing them and dumping their gear here?

    This room has no floor at all. In fact, players risk falling a great height if they barge into the room carelessly. This is the same fissure as the previous room had fallen part way into, except this is far deeper without water.

    A room filled with nothing but chains hanging from the ceiling, some with meat hooks at their ends. Creepy.

    A single stone slab table, easily large enough to accommodate the largest of men. It has a gutter running down its centre that leads to a hole which is lined up with another hole in the floor below it.

    A room containing an empty bathing pool big enough for four people to sit in comfortably. By the side is a stone carved gargoyle, positioned so as to appear to be leaning over to look into the pool with its mouth wide open. Closer inspection reveals that its mouth is in actual fact a large clay pipe - no doubt used to funnel water into said pool for filling.

    A room filled with painted walls filled with odd and strange creatures. Should anyone touch one of these images, it will spring to life, jumping into the room. Some are dangerous, some neutral and some friendly.

    A room containing the remains of what once used to be a portal, used by someone or something to teleport to, well, who knows?

    Ok, I hope I've provided something for you to play with,modify or expand upon.

    Good luck :)

    1. Great list! It's a little weird though that you, posted this on the smallest DnD blog ever at four in the morning. Not that i'm ungrateful. Everything on your list builds a strong tone and can easily be expanded on the be more sinister. Sweet.

  3. What can I say - I'm a night owl from the UK :)

    You need to put yourself 'out there', start connecting with more rp blog sites and comment of stuff - it's all about networking your ass off.

    When compiling that list for you, I had in mind spin-off scenarios that could be used in some of the more detailed room areas.

    Glad you liked the post - keep at it, buddy, don't lose heart. I'm only a blog away should you want any more input.

    Laters, my friend,


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