Dec 31, 2012

Notes: A Chronical of Deaths and Demises

Just some notes mostly for myself but also open for interested parties. A log of my players' characters and deaths.

 Character Name_Race & Class_(Order of Death)Manner of Death_Player
  • Buxby_Halfling Cleric (of Weirdunn)_(3rd)Punctured by guards' arrows in an attempt to escape imprisonment following the seige of the Fort Obora_"D"
  • Nero_Human Assassin_(1st)Decapitated as an example to the others during an interrogation by illusory lizard man who was actually the illusionist Zaldar_"S"
  • Locke_Human Ranger_*Remains Alive*_"M"
  • Willhelm_Human Fighter_(4th)Cut down in a duel outside of Riverton_"W"
  • Ienzo_HalfElf Illusionist_(2nd)Swarmed by frenzied skeletons in the dwarven ruins north of the Hobbit Hills_"P"
  •  Camilo Cortez_Human Assassin_(6th)Killed by Boone in Orcish slave pits_"Li'l D"
  • Anson_Human Wizard_*Player moved away. Officially remains alive though retired.*_"T"
  • Decanus_Halfling Druid_*Remains Alive*_"P"
  • Boone_Human Rogue_Zombified_"D"
  • Hector_Human Paladin_(5th)Sacrificed by Orcs to the evil goddess Vessa)_"W"
  • Tark_HalfOrc Barbarian_(8th)Heart cut out and eaten in Vessan Well_"W"
  • Don_Human Assassin_(7th)Fell 15' into pit of deadly hybrid monsters and eaten_"Li'l D"
  • "Tet"_Human Monk_*Remains Alive*_"W"
  • Castiel_Human Cleric_*Remains Alive*_"G"
In Word Chart Format:

   D         S       M         W           P        Li'l D       T        G
Buxby Nero
Buxby Nero Locke
Buxby Nero Locke Willhelm
Buxby Nero Nocke Willhelm   Ienzo
Buxby Nero Locke Willhelm   Ienzo    Camilo
Buxby          Locke Willhelm   Ienzo    Camilo
Buxby          Locke Willhelm   Ienzo    Camilo Anson
Buxby          Locke Willhelm                Camilo Anson
Buxby          Locke Willhelm Decanus Camilo
                     Locke Willhelm Decanus Camilo
Boone          Locke Willhelm Decanus Camilo
Boone          Locke                 Decanus Camilo
Boone          Locke   Hector   Decanus Camilo
Boone          Locke   Hector   Decanus Camilo
Boone          Locke                 Decanus
Boone          Locke    Tark      Decanus   Don
Boone          Locke    Tark      Decanus
Boone          Locke                 Decanus
Boone          Locke     Tet       Decanus
Boone          Locke     Tet       Decanus                          Castiel
                    Locke     Tet       Decanus                          Castiel

Dec 24, 2012

Game Summary: Dec 21, 2012

So while Earth was busy not ending, here is what was going on in the land of Hommund:

The players had just gotten through with spending a week in the Hobbit Hills training the militia, failing to seduce a mute nymph, and taking lots of drugs they caught some bandits smuggling, when they set out to see if the tunnel up to the Tsuran Plateau (where the elven forest is) had finally been cleared by the dwarf they hired to do it, Roderick.

So they set out traveling, fought some undead in the Elf's Ear Gorge, Boone got bitten but not seriously injured, but more distressingly began to go into withdrawal, having been the one most partaking in illicit substances and failing his CON save. So no one thought it was too weird when he started getting a fever and the sweats... right up until he turned into a zombie and they had to bash his head in.

RIP Boone.

Turns out there are a lot of zombies around, as they found more biting at Roderick's heels where he was mutilated and strung up from the ceiling of the cave entrance to the tunnel, "turn back" carved into his severed arms.

The obvious solution being to press on, the party did so, eventually emerging in the midst of some seriously inclimate weather and then moving further into the valley, where they killed some more zombies and met some wild men who kindly gave them some herbs and pointed them in the direction of the elven forest.

The next day they were promptly captured by elves.

Some Very Nice Links

These are some ideas and tables I want to store here where both I can find them and others might take a look.

Zak Smith always has some interesting ideas and here some useful table for NPCs:

This blog doesn't update anymore but these tables are amazing. I liked this sort of background generation in CP2020 and here it is again more appropriate for a medieval fantasy setting:

A big timesink:

Some monster ideas:

 A couple helpful tables:

A houserule to think about:

Dec 20, 2012

A Latin Game

So nearing the end of the semester, I'm looking to write a short adventure to share a one-shot with some fellow Latin students.

Since they've never played, I figure I'll generate a couple characters of moderate level for them centering around a Classical Roman theme. Our studies have so far revolved around the Aeneid, just completing Book VI, so I was thinking of doing a variation on Aeneas' descent to the underworld, with the two players as Aeneas

 and the Sibyl at Cumae,

a fighter and cleric respectively.

Does anyone have any ideas for a Classically themed game and maybe some classes for Roman archetypes? These are first-time players so I want to keep things simple but also give them a full run of what the game is about, so combat, problem solving, roleplaying, the whole deal.

For anyone interested in the story I'm thinking of using, here is some stuff about the Aeneid.