Jul 25, 2013

In the Wake of the Last Game (Prelude to Hommund 99)

Quick copy-paste of the summary I wrote up of the aftermath of the Hommund, Year 74 campaign. This is the chronicle of the endeavors of those favored by Vessa, capitalizing on their respective wishes.
This will also serve as backdrop to the next campaign, picking up in the year 99, aptly titled the Hommund, Year 99 campaign.

So that my players are not shocked: older character attributes have been modified for age, info you didn't give me has been randomized or just made up, some events have been interpreted for the sake of a coherent game world.

So here it is:

Hommund 74 epilogue

·        Ferdinand Von Zeppelin sets out to raise a mercenary army.
·        Tommy Whiteskies pursues an education.
·        Michael Cunningham conquers the new settlement of Lockwood with his undead black dragon (lvl24).
·        Decanus returns to Halfhill.
·        Locke Nosc Rohan hunts down and kills Sebastian Eden, deliberately taking the curse of vampirism to gain eternal youth. He takes Eden’s seat in council, falsifying documents of succession.

·        Ferdinand Von Zeppelin leads his mercenary army to take Fort Obora. His assault is successful, and from this position begins a takeover of Halfhill.
·        Tommy Whiteskies returns to Halfhill to take the musical prodigy Neil under his wing. The two travel the valley as minstrels.
·        Michael Cunningham helps develop Lockwood. He journeys far to gather culture to the settlement.
·        Decanus seeks audience with Ferdinand.
·        Locke organizes a coup to gain control of the Council of Marshville.

·        Ferdinand Von Zeppelin has seized control of Halfhill. He agrees to grant nobility to friends of Decanus.
·        Decanus gains an audience with Ferdinand and requests the protection of his friends in Halfhill. His request in granted.
·        Alvaro, Emily, and Nymphadora flee Halfhill with Inigo, Leah, and Clause to the Mesa. Hearing word of their flight, Decanus too leaves Halfhill.

·        Ferdinand Von Zeppelin begins the expansion of Halfhill.
·        Tommy Whiteskies and Niel become renowned for their songs of adventure.
·        Michael Cunningham’s Lockwood expands.
·        Decanus reaches the Tsuran forest, only to find that the elves know of his choice with Vessa, and have banished him.

·        Locke appoints Tommy Whiteskies Minister of the Arts and Headmaster of the Bards’ College and discovers the Hexenshard School hiding in the Bards’ College. He takes control of the school in secret to train a troupe of Battle Mages.
·        Lockwood has grown too large for the tolerance of the giants who claim the valley as their territory. They are unable to resolve through negotiations, and begin to attack. Michael Cunningham and his feldragon defend the city, but cannot defeat the giants entirely.
·        Decanus comes to live as a shaman among the wild men of the Tsuran Plateau.

·        Ferdinand and Locke come to Michael’s aid in fending off the giants. In the end it is the first band of Battle Mages who are able to end the attacks. The damage to Lockwood has been severe.

·        Repairs begin in Lockwood
·        Fear fills the valley as word of the Battle Mages spreads. Locke takes advantage of this mass terror to overthrow the council and name himself Emperor of Hommund. Resistance is limited, as small spectacle victories by the Battle Mages create the illusion of a better trained force, and Locke trains true legions in secret.

·        Having crushed all resistance, Locke now rules as emperor with legions of Battle Mages under his control. Magic is still illegal in Hommund, unless practiced with a license granted only to Battle Mages. Locke drafts soldiers to expand the new Hommund military.
·        Halfhill begins industrialization.
·        An alliance allows Halfhill and Lockwood to be ruled by their respective lords under the supervision of the Emperor.

·        Military occupation of Riverton, Termine Bay, and Westenberg stamp out any rebellion over the next five years.

·        The valley under tight control, the Emperor focuses on new projects. He encourages experimentation with new magic and enchantment, and assembles an Explorers Corps, headed by Michael Cunningham, who ventures east with the Corps and soon becomes as a legend in Lockwood.

            Lord Ferdinand of Halfhill
·        51 years old
·        5’ 7’’
·        Brown Eyes, Brown-Grey Hair, Sinister mustache
·        Chaotic Evil
·        Lvl 9 Paladin of Rensol
·        57 HP
·        CON11 STR14 DEX13 INT7 WIS12 CHA14
·        Tommy Gun (10)

Headmaster Thomas Whiteskies
·        41 years old
·        6’ 2’’
·        Blue eyes, Blonde hair
·        Lawful Evil
·        Lvl 10 Bard
·        71 HP
·        CON9 STR11 DEX10 INT6 WIS12 CHA20
·        Shield of Magic Reflection, Dragon Bane short sword
·        +1 to healing, the Wall, +2 intimidate, fated that Phoebe the Cleric will be his downfall.

General Cunningham of the Explorers Corps
·        53 years old
·        6’ 2’’
·        Blue eyes, Grey hair (Formerly Blonde)
·        Lawful Evil
·        Lvl 8 Fighter
·        83 HP
·        CON15 STR8 DEX9 INT10 WIS15 CHA13
·        Lvl 24 Undead Black Dragon

Degus, Speaker for the Hawk
·        52 years old
·        4’ 6’’
·        Green eyes, Brown hair, wooden ear, full-body lightning scars
·        True Neutral
·        Lvl 10 Halfling Druid
·        52 HP
·        CON14 STR13 DEX18 INT15 WIS17 CHA7
·        Animal forms: Hawk, Tiger, Velociraptor
·        Cloak of Water Breathing
·        The Way, +2 persuade, +1 damage, bow proficiency
·        Speaks Hill Tongue, Hommunder, Vess, Bird, and Grunkleid Cant.

Emperor Rohan
·        Perpetually 29 (53 years old)
·        5’ 11’’
·        Brown eyes, Brown-blonde hair, Beard
·        Chaotic Evil
·        Lvl 10 Vampire Ranger
·        74 HP
·        CON16 STR17 DEX15 INT12 WIS13 CHA12
·        Preferred enemy: Humans
·        Enchanted Clay Legs (+3 to check once per week)
·        Oath Bow, Ring of Malaise, Wolf Mask of +3 intimidate

The Next Generation

            Adam Rohanson
·         -31 Years old
     -CON10 STR13 DEX10 INT10 WIS10 CHA7

·         -27 Years old
·         -Bugbear
·         -Brown Fur, Black eyes
·         -CON13 STR19 DEX12 INT4 WIS11 CHA13

·         -25 years old
·         -Half-Fey
·         -Brown-blonde hair, Brown eyes
·         -5’ 8’’, 135lbs
·         -CON10 STR11 DEX15 INT12 WIS11 CHA16
·         -Level 2 Druid
·         -Move Silently in Wilderness, Passive check to spot hidden doors and +1 when active.

Inigo Alvaron
·         -26 years old
·         -Half-Halfling (1/2 halfling, 3/8 human, 1/8 elf)
·         -Brown hair, grey eyes, hobbit feet, pointed ears, fine features
·         -4’ 9’’, 120lbs
·         -CON6 STR6 DEX14 INT13 WIS9 CHA12 
 -Propensity for magic