Apr 26, 2012


I have made a recent discovery:

The Play Generated Map and Document Archive

" PlaGMaDA's mission is to preserve, present, and interpret play generated cultural artifacts, namely manuscripts and drawings created to communicate a shared imaginative space."

To a community of of people who enjoy such a "shared imaginative space",  the value of such a site is readily apparent on at least one level: Free ideas!

But on a different note we now have a, though currently limited, space in which to share our collective works and concepts for all to see and judge and interpret.

Surely there may have been similar projects in the past, but I feel that we owe it to every such project hoping to advance and preserve our hobby of the simple joy of imagination to spread the word and do what we can for that project's success.

"By fostering discussion and educating the public, it is hoped that the folkways which generate these documents can be encouraged and preserved for future generations"

So long story short, check it out!