Sep 2, 2012

My DM Merit Badges

If you don't know what I'm talking about, check this

Stuart at Strange Magic invented some "DM Merit Badges" for FLAILSNAILS DMs. While I am not involved in any FLAILSNAILS games, I thought it was an interesting idea so here are my DM Merit Badges

I roll dice in the open and do not fudge results.
Tactics are a key element of my games.
My games are run within a fixed map.

My games contain an element of exploration and mystery.

Player death may occur in my games.
My games may contain disturbing or frightening content.

Player-vs-player is permitted in my games.


  1. I learned that last one the hard way this past session...

  2. You forgot "by the book", like you rarely use rule 0

    1. I do go by the book a lot, but the badge for that made it sound like absolutely no modifications were made, and since we've tweaked stuff like the mana rule, I didn't think it exactly fit.