Feb 10, 2013

Game Summary: Feb 9, 2013

A messenger arrived, sent from the Dwarves by Tassadar, to drop off a letter and three small packages of gunpower for Locke.

Castiel returned to the group and recounted last week's adventure and the death of Tet.

A strange man arrived in the rain, looking for Locke and Decanus and Willhelm (Willhelm is long dead.). He is Willhelm's older brother, a cleric evicted from the Order after he turned to dark magic, who got by as an assassin while searching for Willhelm and the party.
They filled him in, with a few lies, and he joined the party.

Everyone organizes their things, they stable the horse and camel and dog, and set out for the Well of Vessa.

Some Worgs attack, they are dispatched and reanimated as zombies, then used to fight off a pack of coyotes, after which one worg remains.

They find an altar in the woods, with holy energy emanating. Touching the altar, a cleric may ask one question of the spirits who have died in the forest:
"What do you want us to do?"
"Release us!"
So they conclude to break the altar in half, after which the holy energy dissipates. No one is sure whether this has helped, but there is a general feeling of accomplishment.

They reach the lake and the weather turns violent, so everyone dons their cloaks of water breathing and dives in, leaving behind Walden the zombie worg (the others were Thoreau and Steinbeck) by the lakeside in the storm. After some time they find a stone entrance under the water, which dives then rises into an air pocket. They rest, Locke has a demonic dream, and they proceed through a shallow pool. Crossing runes on the other side causes the water to form bubbles around their heads, bubbles of water which they can breath as air.

Anyway, they go on and air and water seem to have been reversed. They fight sharks and eels that swim through the air. There are some aquatic goblins who live in two warring factions in rooms across the hall from each other and have no idea that any more of the world exists beyond the two rooms and intervening hallway.
There is some cool armor and also catacombs, and the clerics raise a squadron of undead to fight a pair of paleolithic giant sharks, which they manage, so that they can get to tombs with amazing magical treasure.
Fully decked out with new stuff, they have also leveled up.
Locke has taken a further specialization in fighting humans.
Decanus can transform into a hawk.
Castiel doesn't get new spells this level.
Frederick (the reincarnation of Tet) is stuck back at level 5 for a while because of his dual-class.

Next up: A bit more fighting and then on to the Well proper.

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