Jul 28, 2012

Session One: The Siege

My group has begun recording our sessions to post here on the blog in what I imagine as a sort of podcast. In this recording the group attempts with a small hobbit army to siege a castle to save their friends Leonard the hobbit who is imprisoned inside.

I hope you enjoy. The videos embedded contain only audio. If anyone knows how to post only the audio, please say so in the comments and I will do that in the future.

Part One: The Prep (Also entirely skippable if you want to go straight to the siege)
Part Two: I kick it with my energy legs!
Part Three: I already died once
Part Four: Its like a season ender in my mind!


  1. um... if you want i think you would be able to make a 4shared account and upload your audio there and then make a player here for it...
    they would provide you with a HTML code or embed it or something...


    its also owned by google so you can probably link your two accounts and... bam its done.

    plus! if its on 4shared all your friends can download it and have it for themselves if they wish.... anyway. just an idea.

  2. Thanks Sammy, love ya~