Oct 23, 2012

Game Summary Oct 18, 2012

They enter the Vessan Well.

They have black over their eyes like the mimes, which they cannot remove.

They are lost in a forest w/in the Well being hunted by tigers.

They meet a strange man in an iron mask named Arud (guest player Sam E)

Aline, the elf girl they found earlier, gets killed by some tigers.

Arud starts flipping out, Boone is scared shitless and stabs him in the back.

Arud takes off his mask and turns out to be one of these. Roll initiative.

Everyone goes down, even after Locke tackles Arud 30 feet out of a tree and both barely survive. They each get one last shot to hit Arud as he cuts them open to eat their hearts.
Tark fails. Heart eaten. Dead.
Boone succeeds and kills Arud in the neck with his dirk.
Everybody sleeps for a long time to get back health and spells and, weakened, go one and eventually find the passage to the next level, where:

There are lots of magic pools and zombies behind a fence such that they must be released for the players to succeed.

But Decanus finds a handy spell to kill them all, they waste a lot of time trying to neutralize acid, and eventually give up and leave the room.

But not before Decanus and Boone drink a pink potion. The effects of which are so far unknown. (More on that later when they figure it out.)

Locke, Boone, and Decanus remain.

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