Dec 20, 2012

A Latin Game

So nearing the end of the semester, I'm looking to write a short adventure to share a one-shot with some fellow Latin students.

Since they've never played, I figure I'll generate a couple characters of moderate level for them centering around a Classical Roman theme. Our studies have so far revolved around the Aeneid, just completing Book VI, so I was thinking of doing a variation on Aeneas' descent to the underworld, with the two players as Aeneas

 and the Sibyl at Cumae,

a fighter and cleric respectively.

Does anyone have any ideas for a Classically themed game and maybe some classes for Roman archetypes? These are first-time players so I want to keep things simple but also give them a full run of what the game is about, so combat, problem solving, roleplaying, the whole deal.

For anyone interested in the story I'm thinking of using, here is some stuff about the Aeneid.

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