Mar 27, 2013

"Things to do in D&D"

This is my transcription of a paper one of my player wrote out of all their current objectives or possible activities at the moment, blue word are my comments.
This is mostly for my own reference so I know what to plan, and also with the consideration that it may be absurd enough to be found amusing.

1. See Edrin. They went and did this already, had some fun with potions.
2. Sell Stuff Still need to offload loot from the last Well. Possible city adventures, courtesy of Vornheim or one of Jeff's tables
3. Mesa City. They did the quest here, and are now going to explore, possibly disguised, since the player who chose amnesia as a backstory has discovered that he has a wife here who believes him dead.
4. Mushroom Village. They blew off the quest hook here once on the way to assault a fort, but ran into some other adventurers and told them about it, so they're not really sure what they'll find.
5. Magical sword quest. The last fighter found an old book in a library that tells of a legendary sword. They know the area is very very very dangerous, but are considering the attempt nonetheless, or at least some are.
6. Finish seaside dungeon. They got what they came for, but didn't map the whole thing. There might be more treasure.
7. Knit Locke's child a hat. Castiel's personal goal to do a favor for the child, doomed to be repossessed as a PC in the case of a TPK.
8. Poison Marsheville officials with snake poison. Decanus' new pet, Nagini, is very poisonous, and everyone hates Marsheville. Hates it.
9. Investigate werewolf shack. There's a shack of people who just want to be left alone. Assumed lycans.
10. Oasis to the South. Someone peeked at my map.
11. Actually explore Mesa City. See 3. I'm not sure why this is here twice.
12. Gain the Roc as a follower/minion/hireling. There is a Roc that protected the Mesa City from the bugbears the players wiped out.
13. "Hunt down fake flower salesman and then gut them like fish." They got pickpocketed. Garrett is very upset about this.
14. Discover if Locke impregnated warrior woman. Most of the party just assumes that he did. Not sure why. They probably just don't want to go all the way back into the Salt Flats. Neither do I.
15. Name northern settlement. There's a new settlement. Player assumption is that they get to name it.
16. Run dwarven factory. Become rich tycoons. Buy Marsheville. ... Yeah.

Additional notes:
  • Use longsword as flaming sword.  I'm not sure what this means.
  • Did Locke finish that journal? As longest surviving party member, Locke took a short break to write a memoir for his daughter and future party members. Yes, he finished it.
  • Read clerics' letter. Got a letter from the clerics a week or two ago, should probably read it now.
  • See new cleric in Hobbit Hills. The players (about a year ago) were offered a small farm by the hobbits, in exchange for occasionally doing clericy things for the town. They walked away and forgot about it, so a new cleric has been stationed.
  • Ask about Locke's family in Mesa City. Also to be potentially reclaimed as PCs.
 There are also plans here for in the event of a TPK, wherein the players pick up in 20 years or so in-game with various children or adopted orphans, as follows:
Decanus plans to raise the child he in his last character sired the day before that character died. The mother of which child is now happily married. I don't know how this makes sense.
Locke will raise his child by the mute nymph who they have named Nymphadora. Actually semi-legitimate.
Castiel plans to raise Locke's child from his amnesia backstory family, whose mother is still raising him so possibly there will be kidnapping?
Frederick found a baby bugbear in the last dungeon which he intends to raise. Somehow.

And then if they all die or retire, they will take those children as characters. This probably involves an uncomfortable amount of kidnapping.

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  1. The flaming long sword was the signal we were going to give to the Mesa City after we killed the bugbears.