Apr 4, 2013

Game Summary: Wednesday, March 27

With a drinking holiday approaching, the adventurers journeyed out of the desert and into the small pious town of Termine Bay. They got some fortunes told by a weird old lady (Vornheim Fortunes Table), met a juggler who was alright, and with a couple days left until the festival, traveled north to Riverton to celebrate in a bigger city.
One (Jeff Rients' Carousing Mishaps Table) long night later, Fredick (the festival's designated teetotaler) discovers that the inn room contains one pig, Castiel and a repulsive woman both in wedding garb, and Locke nowhere to be found.
Dispel Magic turns Decanus back to human form, the woman is swiftly and angrily escorted from the premises, and Locke wakes up in a temple to find that in a drunken stupor and emerging from a fight, he asked the gods to heal his wounds and provide more booze. He was answered by Gulmar and was bound in return to kill a corrupt priest. Frederick goes to the assassins for an assignment, and so begins...

The Post-Night-Of-Drunken-Mistakes Murder-Holiday
First up: Frederick is supposed to kill a smith, but spare his family. The adventurers enter the shop where the man is working with his teenage son. It is empty.
Lock door.
Cast silence.
Knock boy unconscious.
Arrow to smith's throat.
Clean arrow wound.
Slit throat with razor.
Put razor in boy's hand.
Cast Cause Disease on the boy for good measure. The roll is small pox.

Next: The priest turns out to be rather high ranking. The adventurers deem it too difficult to get to him stealthily (no thief) and in any case it is raining, which means...
Cross the canal-street into alley.
Decanus uses Call Lightning on the wooden roof. Twice.
Roof burns and collapses in on crowd at evening mass plus priests including the target. Death toll is estimated at 35.

Finally: It is deemed that, so long as they are on a roll, they might as well free Castiel by killing his corpulent bride. Sneak into house, cast disease on the sleeping woman. Roll is tuberculosis.
On exiting quietly, the small idol to Gulmar seems to whisper. The voice declares Locke and Decanus as blasphemers against his church, to be punished in kind to their deeds. Frederick and Castiel are allowed to go and then Locke and Decanus are struck by a Call Lightning spell of the same level Decanus cast. They survive by 3 and 1 health points respectively and escape the burning home.

The next day the adventurers volunteer to help some guards sift through the wreckage of the church, and pocket some kickshaws from the high priest's charred remains which turn out to be extremely valuable.

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  1. Locke and I were so damn lucky, holy shit. Looking forward to further chaos and biological warfare, DM!