Jun 13, 2013

Doubles Potions

The don't know about anyone else, but this is the first table I've ever made inspired by song lyrics.


The idea is a set of potions which must be drunk by two people in order to have an effect. I picture two flasks fused together or a vial with two mouths. Who gets which effect should be random.

Each potion is labeled, but I will also number for randomization.

2-The Blood and the Bone-One takes 1d4 extra dmg from attacks; One takes 1d4dmg less.
3-The Sinner and the Saint-One becomes chaotic; the other lawful
4-The Bandage and the Blade-One gets +1 to healing; the other does 1 extra dmg
5-The Word and the Breath-When one speaks, he can choose to have the other say the same
6-The Heart and the Chest-If one dies, so does the other
7-The Bruise and the Blow-One feels he has been wronged by the other
8-Tha Fruit and the Fall-One is destined to be the downfall of the other
9-The Caress and the Claw-One gets +2 seduction; other gains +2 intimidate
10-The Glory and the Guilt-One will gain from his crimes while the other receives the blame.
11-Blossom and the Wilt-One gains a level, which the other loses
12-Right and Wrong-One becomes good; the other evil
13-The Sound and the Song-When both try persuade together, +2
14-The Tooth and the Tongue-One gains +2 unarmed; the other +2 persuade
15-The Target and the Gun-One compulsively attacks the other for 1d4 rounds
16-The Cruel and Kind-One becomes good, the other evil
17-The Wary and the Wild-One gets +2 search/hidden doors; other gets +2 atk/dmg whenever he initiates combat
18-Legions and Doubt-One gains +2 leadership; other is -2
19-The Whisper and the Shout-One gets +2 to spells with a verbal component; other has -2
20-Honest and Avail-One must tell the truth; the other will profit from this
21-The Hammer and the Nail-If one assists the attack of the other, double damage
22-The Blessing and the Curse-One gets +2 to checks for a day; the other has -2
23-The Way and the Wall-Enemies and allies can safely move through one in combat; the other can stop any enemies trying to move through adjacent space.
24-The Now and Then-One ages 10 years; the other youngens 10 years.

6, 8, 10, 20 can double as fortunes.
3, 12, 16 seem similar, so I repeated. If anyone has an idea for a third effect along these lines, please share.

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