Jul 8, 2013

What I've Been Up To Lately

Summer Space Odyssey

First of all, I should explain the situation in my own campaign:
With most people splitting off for college soon, we have come to the unanimous decision to end the campaign that I have currently been running for two years. We have one more game left. The content is written, and all that is left is scheduling. With everyone traveling here there and everywhere, arranging for the final game is difficult, but hopefully possible.

In the meantime, my friend has taken up GM duties in a Traveler campaign. The above link is to the blog devoted to the campaign, I play the aged ex-spy Halleck Stil (de facto captain), alongside the crew of my (stolen) ship Providence:
Doctor Zex Vespers, ship medic (Decanus the Halfling Druid in my campaign)
Jet Walters, ship mechanic (Tommy Whiteskies the Human Bard)
Dax Griffon, our heavy-armored soldier and pilot (Castiel the Human Cleric)
Kay, ship gunner (Tassadar the Dwarf Fighter)
Thatcher "the Badger", has illicit contacts, has been gone all summer (Locke the Human Ranger)
Kiki, pilot and demolitions expert (Human Cleric)
Kevo Bandolin, financier and psychopath (Human Paladin)

The campaign is GMed by our many-charactered fighter. (Willhelm, Hector, Tark, Tet, Frederick)

Its been a lot of fun. It took us less than one session to descend into total criminality. We are currently playing a group of drug producing and selling mercenaries who dabble in smuggling and our financier has recently amassed a small collection of improvised explosives. If we fall under investigation by space cops of some sort, I don't see it going well. Luckily our small fortune from a recent smuggling job will give us the opportunity to better secure and secret our crimes.

In other news
I've set into serious work on my Hommund setting project. The plan has long been to publish the setting I've been developing these past two years. This summer I've gone through some loosely organized work on old maps. The other day, though, I drafted up an outline of all the things I want to include and set to work.
Today I'm 20 pages in and going.
The plan is to compile a tome that includes all my maps, as well as tables and rules that have been helpful to me through my campaign. The philosophy is to create a book that contains everything I want or need to run my entire campaign, and hopefully what is helpful to me in running my game is also helpful to other people running old-style D&D-type RPGs.
So if all goes well, I can get the first draft done by the start of fall semester and continue to play test over the next year or so, get together some more dungeons and iron out the kinks in the setting and class system.

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