Jul 25, 2013

End Game Character Sheets

These are the party's character sheets from the final game of the Hommund, Year 74 campaign.

 First up, the deceased followers of Werdunn (and Rensol):
Here's Hector the Paladin, tragic hero, last of the side of good, felled by Locke's swift arrow.

 Here lies Castiel, the brave fish-knight, felled by Locke's swift arrow.

Next is Phoebe, cleric of Weirdunn, bound to die upon Castiel's death.
On the side of Vessa:

First up is Locke, the slayer of humans

The neutral Druid, scarred, burnt, and crippled, but never defeated, Decanus:

The illustrious and skinless grand bard Tommy Whiteskies:

And last but not least, the ambitious dark paladin, Ferdinand von Zeppelin

Sadly, the character sheet of the Knight of Dale, Michael Cunningham, was lost in the aftermath of the session.

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  1. Some of the more elaborate sheets were the result of a brief competition to have the fanciest.