Oct 12, 2013

Game Summary - Session 5

31st of Winter, Year 99 after the war;

As the players sailed downstream out of Riverstadt, harsh winds and heavy snowfall beset the party. The fields are covered in snow and when the sun sets before they reach the bay, the adventurers lift the boat from the river and camp in the forest.
The blizzard continues the next day when they reach Termin Bay. The town seems empty, with most building snowed in. They return their kidnapped hirer to her sister's home, digging out the door to let her in, and decide to waste no time in paddling upstream in the blizzard to return to Riverstadt.
The blizzard lasts another day, and the party is forced again to flip the boat on the shore, and hikes for hours in the snow to find the shelter of the forest where they can make a fire. Illness affects a couple members of the group. In the morning they hike back to the boat. Snow is still falling, but the blizzard has stopped. The dig out the boat and continue, and the journey up river takes three days in all.
Upon their return, they inquire among the Revelation about a place to fence their stolen jewelery. The Revelation does not deal in foreign goods, but a man says he can arrange a meeting with a former contact the next day.
The party goes to the Red Raven tavern and meets a man to whom they are able to sell the stolen goods. The man tells them that, if they wish for connections who can give them more jobs, he may have a mission. They should decide and return the next day.
Of course they do, and are told that there will be a ball among the elite from Riverstadt and Marsheville in a few days. The Diebenstadt has a lock-breaking device they would like to have field tested, and some documents are located in the building that they would be willing to buy. They will have to acquire suitable outfits, and can gain entry with forged invitations.
The party gears up, and has a tailor make suits to suit them, at their price range, and in a few days they go to the party.
Entering, they attempt to mingle with the upper strata. Eko bothers some noblemen and eventually descends on a young lady who criticizes his cheap suit. The party banters for a moment with the frustrated heiress before she leaves in a huff. A young man approaches, angered that the adventurers have been antagonizing his lady friend. They persist in insulting the man, and before long Eko throws the first punch.
Roderick and Jean slink away (Clause is hidden on the street outside with the hounds) as Eko thrashes the young nobleman. Exiting the ballroom, Roderick and Jean alert the guards to the fight, who go rushing in to end it. The hall is undefended as the two sneak down the hall toward the document room.
Meanwhile Eko puts up a good fight, now taking on the nobleman's two friends, and knocking one out in swift order while blocking and dodging blows. One guard tackles the other nobleman, and the second guard fails to restrain Eko.
Roderick and Jean use the device to break the lock into an office where they gather up documents from a desk and a large chest, which also contains a sum of coins and a signet ring.
Eko tries to stomp another guard on the ground, but the guard manages to rise and draw a dagger. Eko takes his first hit of the night when the blade cuts through his side. Still conscious, he feigns a faint and falls. More guards are called to drag the men out and cover abandoned posts just as Roderick and Jean reenter the ballroom.
Four guards drag out the combatants, bound or unconscious, to the street outside. The party inside rumbles with shocked murmurings and fainting maidens.
Roderick and Jean hurry off down the street. The guards try to awaken the pummeled young men. When he suspects they will imprison Eko, Clause releases the dogs on the guards. One guard falls straightaway. Clause reaches the combat as the guards begin to fight off their canine assailants.
When one guard slays a dog, Eko can feign unconsciousness no longer, and joins the fight. Eko falls. Roderick and Jean, watching from a distance, try to sneak up on the fight. All the guards are down save one, who backs up to the wall. Seemingly of higher rank, he is a capable combatant, but has lost his weapon in the fray.
Jean is forced to come to Eko's aid. Roderick attempts a sneak attack, but is seen, and the guard takes him out. Finally, with all other fighters lying on the ground around them, Clause manages the fatal blow, splitting the last guard's skull.
Jean and Clause flee with their fallen comrades over their shoulders, back to The Revelation.
The next morning Morgan, leader of the Revelation, asks them to leave, to not endanger the gang by fleeing here after their crimes. Clause expresses his displeasure with the operation, and Jean says goodbye.
They reach the Red Raven, but their contact does not arrive. They decide to stay at the inn across the way while the others recover, and keep an eye on the Red Raven.
Their contact arrives on the third day. He says some among the Diebenstadt disapprove of their more obsequious methods, while others could make use of their talents. The decision has been to allow them membership to the coalition of thieves, but some will not do business with them. If they will adopt a more covert strategy, more doors may open.
They are paid for their mission, and given the name of their contact: Derek the Raven ("it's a long joke"). Codes are passed for contact purposes, and Derek is interested in the signet ring. He says he will return in a couple days with an offer.

The day is the 43rd of Winter, Year 99 after the War.

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