Oct 11, 2013

Game Summary - Session 4

The players, seeking a job, consulted some thieves until they were referred to a tavern keeper on the other side of Riverstadt.
The barkeep gave them the address of a woman who was willing to pay adventurers to kidnap her from her unhappy marriage.
The players gladly accepted the task, and spent the day observing the mansion.
At night they posted Leia as watch and climbed the tall fence. They took a guard by surprise and killed him, then reached the balcony and entered through a window.
They found something of which they had not been informed: an infant child. They spent some time trying to wrestle information from the nurse (as well as physical wrestling) who came to comfort the crying baby. Eventually they simply beat the nurse unconscious and left the charismatic Eko with the baby.
Crossing the hall, they found the master bedroom, and woke the master of the house and his wife. The sir was quickly subdued, as well as slayed a guard who came to the aid of the residents. The woman turned out to be the one who hired them. They took their payment and a jewelery box and left. A house servant begged them to leave the child, but was swiftly punched out. The party descended to the lawn, past the other servants watching in horror.
That same night, they rode a ship on the south river toward Termin Bay.

The day is now the 31st of Winter.

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