Sep 29, 2013

Game Summary- Session 3

After being nursed back to health by their fellow thieves, the players awake in the warehouse lair of the gang, and those who fell early are made aware of the loss of their friend, Inigo.
They travel out to his grave to find a priest speaking holy words over their fallen comrade. Corpse of their friend hardly buried, they recruit the cleric, Jean, into their party.
Asking around the gang for jobs to do, they learn of an impending execution that the gang plans to interrupt. Illegal halflings in Marsheville have been captured and will be hanged for unlicensed emigration from Halfhill.
The players have only a few days to prepare, and they lend their assistance in strategizing.
When the day comes, the halfling fugitives are led out from the courthouse into the square. A crowd gathers to see the hanging. Eight guards line the gallows, a small band of thieves looms on the adjacent rooftop, including the players, with bows at the ready.
Before the charges are read, a hail of arrows falls upon the guards, some wounding, others bouncing off armor, one striking into the crowd. The crowd begins to scatter as ropes fall from the rooftops. Clause descends into the maelstrom as guards scramble to the ready.
The next volley of arrows begins to fell guards, and the crowd still stands between the law and a direct fight. Halfling prisoners throw themselves low in fear, uncomprehending of what is happening.
When the crowd is gone from the square, only three guards remain. Clause runs to the gallows, deflecting blows and hacks down one guard. A citizen tries to interfere and is likewise cut down. When Clause turns to face his final opponent, the guard lies dead with an arrow in his throat.
The halfhlings are quickly untied and lead up ropes to the rooftop. A scout shouts that more guards are on their way. The gang slips down the other side of the roof, where escape ropes have been readied. Down a series of tight alleyways, carrying the slower of the halfling refugees, the gang ducks into a winery cellar, where they have been allowed refuge by a sympathetic citizen. They lie low in tentative celebration until nightfall, when groups split off to return one-by-one to the gang's hideout.
On the way back, the party's group encounters a group of young men beating a homeless man. With little hesitation Clause slaughters two of the men, and the third is slain with an arrow as he tries  to flee. They lift the limp and broken body of the homeless man and carry him back to base. Amidst the party they do what they can to make the injured man comfortable and bind his wounds.

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