Jan 24, 2013

Game Summary (+Audio): January 19, 2013

This was an eventful session. For recordings of a large portion of the game listen below, but I will summarize nevertheless.

Having conquered the ruins of the Gnomish city and being painted in the feral men's ritual warrior ink, the heroes are given directions to the lair o the Elven Outcasts, some elves rumored to practice dark magics, including the reversal of any spell. For the players this means the reversal of enchantments so that they may be learned and duplicated, giving the players each a duplicate of the Cloaks of Water Breathing they are told they will need.

So they travel and the Outcasts are pretty accommodating. "Sure we'll copy your cloak, just bring us some books from this old empty elf library." Which is not entirely unguarded.

So following about a week's travel they head to the library and get very excited. There are lots of books, but also these Miyuzaki-esque skittering baskets.

But luckily the heroes are thorough and, finding an orb in the observatory, Decanus aces his INT check such that he gains command of the spider-baskets, erases the order to kill anyone who tries to leave with books, and commands the baskets to bring to the players lots and lots of books. (The library table from Vornheim was helpful beyond mention)
So they get the magic books for the Outcasts, and also a whole pile of tomes for the Hobbits (in various languages), and Tet finds a book about Glatimor, the first enchanted weapon, and becomes obsessed.
(His search yields knowledge that the sword was forged for Herrik, the hero of this war against an undead horde who rallied together the human peoples and would afterward become the first king of the Triumvirate. Herrik's sword arm was chopped off in battle, and it is said that his castle was build on the very spot where Glatimor fell.)
Also there are some old old maps of old old cities that no one has heard of.

Back to the Outcasts, cloaks duplicated, Locke's mask enchanted as a favor for more magical tomes, and a troll gets Command: Sleep'ed and killed somewhere in there.

They go back to the elves and Edryn confirms their guess that the next Well is at the bottom of an evil lake. They ask to be teleported back to the Hobbit Hills, and so they are.

They take a bunch of books, found a library financed by loads of treasure, survey the militia's operations, and hang out talking to people and doing their best to improve their favorite place.

Tet goes into town to see if he can convince the town guard to sell back the items taken from the party at the attack on Fort Obora. The items will be auctioned at the end of the season if they have not been already. Tet accidentally ends up on a date with a gay arena fighter.

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