Jan 12, 2013

Skeleton 6 (Untested)

I have yet to play test this, but here is the draft of Skeleton 6 in its entirety:

Roll 1d6 for each. Health=1d6+FIT rolled each level.
  • FIT- a measure of strength and bodily health and durability.
  • DEX- reflexes, balance, and coordination
  • MND- knowledge as well as problem-solving skills
  • Fighter- can use all weapons and armor, and shields
  • Thief- can use light weapons and light armor. Skills include Stealth (wherein a DEX check can be made to pick pockets, and a successful attack does 4x damage), Pick Locks (DEX check), and Traps (MND to detect, DEX to disarm)
  • Mage- no armor, and only small weapons for 1d2 damage. Can cast a number of spells equal to lvl+MND, chosen daily.

Light Armor: +2
Heavy Armor +4

Attacks are checks vs AC. Melee is FIT check, ranged is DEX. Result equal to AC hits.

Light Weapons 1d3
Normal Weapons 1d6
Heavy Weapons 2d6


Difficulty(Number to beat)=6+lvl

The idea of Skeleton 6 is that it is a framework, far from a complete set of rules. Played correctly, pieces should be added and changed as fits the game. The simplicity is intended to make it ideal for improvised play, be it fantasy, or science fiction, or whatever.
Some miscellaneous ideas:
-- Guns might be made to do 2d6 damage by default.
-- Despite their low DEX, zombies should probably have a higher armor class to represent the difficulty of hitting the head.
-- Death might come to a character at either 0 health or -FIT health. I would probably choose the latter and also have health regenerate at 1 point per full night of rest and 2 points for an entire day of rest.

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