Sep 17, 2013

Faction Leaders

The Empire
Emperor Locke Nosc Rohan
Lvl 10 Vampire Fighter (Ranger) perpetually Age 29 (chronologically 53)
Better known as Emperor Rohan, the fearsome former adventurer is relegated often to his palace because of his vampirism. Nevertheless, he still stalks prey and has lost not a whit of his killer instinct. This gives him a fearsome aura which adds intimidation to his skills as a master manipulator in diplomacy.
In MetaWarGame, Emperor Rohan can be used to grant a bonus to Rep

The Explorers' Corps
General Michael Cunningham
Lvl 8 Human Fighter Age 53
Appointed by Rohan to lead his explorers, the former knight of Dale was given by Vessa a loyal black feldragon, which makes him a fearsome sight on the battlefield.
In MetaWarGame, General Cunningham can grant a bonus to Mgt

The Halfhill Regime
Lord Ferdinand
Lvl 9 Human Paladin (Vessa) Age 51
The paladin of Vessa has an evil vision: he sees many possibilities of what could be. Of mercenaries, he saw an army, of the halflings, a workforce, of Halfhill, an industrial city-state. Ferdinand has nearly enslaved the halfling city, and brought forth untold wonders of industry, many of his own ingenious design.
In MetaWarGame, Lord Ferinand can grant a bonus to Res

The Halfhill Resistance
Commander Abram Burrowdale
Lvl 10 Halfling Fighter Age 48
The guerilla captain of the Halfhill resistance grew up a poor bandit in Marsheville. Taken in by the military, he served in the early days of the Empire before defecting due to disagreements with the imperial zeitgeist. Thinking to remove himself from Rohan’s Empire, he retired to Halfhill, only to find a cause that dearly needed his experience. He has taken his training home and carefully gathered a rebellion as the walls have risen around Halfhill and now leads covert bands to bring down Ferdinand.
In MetaWarGame, Commander Burrowdale can grant a bonus to Rec

The Diebenstadt
Guildmaster Bertram Geiger
 Lvl 10 Human Thief Age 45
The master of the city of thieves had a vision as a young man: to draw together all Riverstadt’s myriad gangs under one roof for the benefit of all whose ambitions were held back by the law. A master diplomat, Geiger tentatively attained this vision, and though the trials have been many, this day he sits atop the Throne of the Undercity, above a counsel of crime family Godfathers and psychotic gang leaders, and with his silver tongue directs them all.
In MetaWarGame, Guildmaster Geiger can grant a bonus to Rep

The Hexenshard
Archmage Kedra Shultz
Lvl 11 Human Magic User Age 30
The daughter of the previous archmage, Kedra was a child prodigy of the Hexenshard. By her late teens, she had acquired skills many would not achieve until late in their lives. Now, though half the age of most members, the young genius leads the Hexenshard from her fathers’ manse outside Sudenport, scrying on the goings-on in the faraway Empire and waiting patiently to achieve her ends.
In MetaWarGame, Archmage Shultz can grant a bonus to Res

The Adventurers' Guild
Guildmaster Aaron Maas
Lvl 11 Human Fighter Age 41
As a young man, Aaron Maas ventured deep into the Great Forest and did not return for nearly a decade. It is said a different man returned from that forest than entered it, some believe he was taken by spirits, others that he fought so ruthlessly for survival as to have become something less than human. His gaunt features and sunken dead eyes certainly do not contradict this. Nonetheless, he returned to save the Adventurers’ Guild, which had floundered under the weight of Imperial restrictions. An avid freedom fighter, even in the middle of his life, Maas can be a cold strategist or a berserk warrior, and this combination makes him one of the most effective hands-on leaders in Hommund
In MetaWarGame, Guildmaster Maas can grant a bonus to Rec

The Weisekirk
Archbishop Marissa Leon
Lvl 10 Human Cleric Age 56
An orphan raised by the church, Marissa joined the Order of Clerics and quickly ascended the ranks, vetted by countless field missions, and spent years training new Clerics. By the time the Archbishop died, she had proven herself his most trusted aide, and her fellow clergymen knew that Weirdunn wished her to lead them. Though aged, Marissa’s roots have not left her, and she is still a warrior at heart. Restrictions of the church keep her from frequent military engagement, but as a general, she has a fearsome fire that inspires troops.
In MetaWarGame, Archbishop Marissa can grant a bonus to Mgt

For MetaWarGame, all leaders will begin the game in the faction's headquarters.

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