Sep 24, 2013

MetaWarGame Revisions and Additions

In a battle between two factions:
Former Rule: Winner loses 25% of his forces
                       Loser loses 75% of his forces
Revision: Because this does not make tons of sense for armies dramatically separated in size:
                      Winner loses forces equal to 25% of the opponents army
                      Loser loses forces equal to 75% of the opponents army
               Thus, you must be careful when facing a larger force, as a Pyrrhic victory is entirely possible.

To combat another faction's mass recruiting, a new ability:
Slander- Works just like recruiting ( [Fol]d[Rep] ), but you choose a faction to target, and your propaganda troops sully that faction's name. Targeted faction loses troops in location where you slander, equal to your roll.

Also, in order to maintain at least the semblance of a regular schedule, I will send out the MetaWarGame emails every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.
This way, people with Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedules can send in actions on Tuesday and Wednesday; and Tuesday, Thursday schedules can send in Monday and Wednesday.
Since Friday is game night (if we can keep that consistent), there's Saturday to send in actions for Sunday.
If you don't send anything in, it is assumed your faction is busy with other things, as are you. However, this will not confer the benefits of lying in wait.

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