Sep 8, 2013

Hommund 99- Session 1

It is winter in Mesa city, in the desert south of the valley of Hommund. The year is 99 after the Great War.

Day 1:It all started when Adam, out hunting, saw a man stumbling through the desert on the brink of death. He came to the stranger's aid and led him back to Mesa.
Clause, returning to the fort from his guard shift, saw his friend and the stranger arrive, and helped take the newcomer in to the guard house. The man, Roderick, reported that he was in town to collect a debt. The guards offered help, but would not allow vigilante justice.
The debtor, Dieter, arrived about a week ago, and the guards' records show that two men have arrived in town in that time, the shop owner Alphonse Gerber, and a guard by the name of Aldous Stark.
Clause, Adam, and Roderick decide to investigate the guard first. Not in his quarters, Stark is said to be out at the market. The group finds him there, and when he is recognized by Roderick, Stark runs but is tackled to the ground and injured. The party takes him in to custody.
Captain of the Guard Cassidy, orders Roderick and Stark jailed for assault and suspected debt evasion respectively.
Roderick gives a description of the debt, though he can give no physical evidence. 120gp was stolen from Roderick's uncle. Stark says he arrived with 80gp, bought his starting equipment to join the guards, and has just made up the cost working at a brewery. Clause sends a guard to the brewery to confirm the story while he himself decides to search Stark's room at the barracks. He finds 80gp in a bag, as said, but when checking under the bed finds spots of dried blood. He lifts up the mattress to find a severed human hand, that of a woman, wearing a ring, and with bite marks.
A late night investigation unearths rumors of women disappearing at night in the town square, Stark's midnight watch. A formerly convicted drug dealer mentions that Maria, an alleged prostitute, has not been seen on her usual block.
Clause finds her address and knocks, but the men who share the dilapidated building are less than cooperative.
Day 2: Clause talks to Cassidy and decides to bring in the men who share Maria's building for questioning. Two men are brought in, addicts and not fans of the local law enforcement, but hearing that their room mate is in danger reluctantly cooperate. Clause asks about the ring, and whether Maria wore one. The first roommate does not know, but the second, Heller, and former romantic interest of Maria's, is able to give a description of the heirloom that matches the ring on the severed hand.
Shown the hand, Heller is able to confirm that it is the ring Maria wore.
Presented with the evidence, Cassidy decides to court martial Stark that evening.
In the trial, evidence weighs heavily against Stark, who is discharged from the guards, and it is proposed that he be kept in jail for two more days to see whether the disappearances continue.
Roderick, too, is kept in jail until the conclusion of Stark's case.
Day 3: Roderick and the imprisoned bum "Shanky" attempt a sly escape, but are unsuccessful. Luckily the guard does not fully realize the plan, and no suspicion is raised against the outsider.
Day 4: No more disappearances have occurred, and it is deemed that Stark will be executed for murder. Adam visits Roderick to talk about the outside world. Roderick agrees that he can show them the valley, but he must return with his uncle's money.
Stark vows to come back in the next life to kill Roderick, and he is executed at sunset. Roderick is released from jail.
Clause proposes that the group leave Mesa for a month or so, to see the outside world, and Adam eagerly agrees.

The New Cast:
Adam Rohanson

 Human Fighter. Employed as a hunter at Mesa. Son of Rohan/Locke, doesn't know it. The eldest of the party at 31.

Roderick Booker
 Human Thief from Marsheville. Came to Mesa to collect a debt, still needs to collect it from somewhere.

Clause Struben
 Adopted bugbear child. Fighter. Intense sense of duty due to natural difficulties of growing up a monster in a racist human civilization. Incredibly strong.

Ulrich Von Leland

Crazed cleric. Jailed for breaking into a pub to buy wine for a communion service. ("But I left money on the counter!")

 Half-fey druid. Gardener at Mesa. Supernatural beauty. Daughter of Locke and the mute nymph Nymphadora.

Inigo Jaeger Alvaron
 Son of the illusionist Ienzo (doesn't know it) and Emily, raised by Emily and the former Captain of the Guard of Halfhill, Alvaro. Aspiring wizard. Frail in body, strong in magic.

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